Mato 1:16 M4A3 Sherman / M36B1 / M10 / M36 Tank T74 Metal Tracks, Sprockets, Idler Wheels


  • *Optional Purchase



2 Metal Tracks
2 Metal Sprockets
2 Metal Idlers with Bearings
2 Metal Sprocket Caps
Spare Track Links

Work with:

Mato 1230 1:16 Metal M4A3 Sherman Tank
Mato 1231 1:16 Metal M36B1 Tank Destroyer
Mato 1210 1:16 Metal M10 Tank Destroyer
Mato 1236 1:16 Metal M36 Tank Destroyer
Heng Long 3898 1:16 Sherman Tank

Production and Shipping Time:

Every Mato tank is manufactured based on the configuration you select. The estimated production times are as follows:

Normal Configuration: 3 to 5 business days
Advanced Configuration: 6 to 9 business days (includes upgrades like Cannon Smoke and FPV WIFI Real-Time Image Transmission)
Ordinary Metal Accessories Purchase: Usually shipped within 2 business days

Typically, metal tanks are shipped using expedited service, with a shipping time of approximately 3 to 8 business days.

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