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We believe that every Mato Tank tells a unique story, and we want to hear yours! Share your Mato Tank moments with us and fellow enthusiasts. Whether it’s an epic battle, a stunning display, or a close-up of your tank’s incredible details, we invite you to showcase your pride and passion as a Mato Tank owner.

How to Share Your Mato Tank

  • Capture the Moment: Take clear and creative photos of your Mato Tank. Showcase its realism, detailing, and any customizations you’ve made.
  • Tell Your Story: Share a brief caption or description about the photo. Tell us about the battle, the historical context, or any special meaning your tank holds for you.
  • Upload Your Photo: Use the form below to upload your photo and caption. Our team will review your submission.

Why Share Your Mato Tank?

  • Connect with Enthusiasts: Connect with fellow Mato Tank owners who share your passion for authenticity and quality.
  • Inspire Others: Your photos and stories inspire others to explore the world of RC tanks and join our community.
  • Featured on Our Website: Selected submissions may be featured on our website and social media channels, giving you the opportunity to showcase your pride on a global scale.

Terms and Conditions: By submitting your photo and caption, you agree to our terms and conditions regarding content usage. We respect your privacy and will never share personal information without your consent.

Thank you for being a proud Mato Tank owner and for sharing your experiences with us. Your photos and stories are a testament to the authenticity and excellence that define Mato Tanks.

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When the little KING TIGER MEET the big one! Email: poseidon_mk@hotmail.comName: emmanuel keldermansLocation : Belgium

Twilight sun at the river bed park I have about 80 hours in hand paint details. This is my first tank and it won’t be

My Sherman so far bought back in 2018 and added a few alterations. Just dusted off, new battery and smoking. Email: a.bottomley1@sky.comName: a.bottomley1Location : Rastrick,

Great tank! I have 9 other tanks and this in my favorite I just up graded to the new board. I also just added smoke.

After two months of coloring, I finally finished it! Name: WangLocation : Guangzhou, China

I have four Mato Tanks. They are so cool!!! Name: LTKLocation : Singapore

The Mato Full metal Panzer III was my birthday gift. I love it very much!!! My Dad has a Mato King Tiger. It is much

I really like Sherman tank! Name: Mr. GaoLocation : Shangdong, China

I painted it myself, it’s perfect! Name: TROOPERLocation : China

This is the best M10 model I’ve been able to find. Even though I’ve had it for over four years. But it’s still my favorite

Mato tanks are high-quality and have first-class after-sales service. I hope to see more styles and painting in the future. Name: SNLocation : Hong Kong

The Mato Sherman i bought 5 years ago. Very nice tank! The feeling of holding it is completely different from other plastic tanks! Name: MatthewLocation

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